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Antero speaker (2017) "Live recordings"


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Moscow Hi-end Show (2015) SE (discontinued) speaker



Singapore dealer - Live Acoustics - Link

Call Robert (Tel: 6533 2968, HP: 9238 3607) to listen SE.

Grand Teton buyer feedback

Just hooked up my Grand Teton speakers. Awesome!!!
Room filling sound in a 25' X 20' Room! Not just "room filling" sound but Very very detailed and more Dynamic than most larger speakers. Very detailed midrange and very good bass extension, rated down to 40hz at first I didn't believe this bookshelf speaker could deliver quality bass that low but after 10 minutes and a couple of drum test records boy I was proven wrong.

I have had Magnepans and Martin Logans and in many ways the Grand Teton's are more detailed and transparent and Definitely more dynamic. I love them, a very natural speaker to listen to and the sound stage is way BIGGER than you would think from any bookshelf speaker this size or even the Wilson Watt Puppy's , yes that big , don't believe me find somewhere to listen to them. In a big room you will need 15 watts or more. I have run tube and solid state, both have there good points.


Grand Teton buyer feedback (April 25, 2015)

The grand tetons being played with the eico hf-81 tube amp with el-84's. Tears..... So delicious. Listening to that CD you gave me. Whoa man. Thank you!!!

Soundguy feedback - Grand Teton SE.  (April 4, 2015) ==> Link

If anyone is looking for the most incredibly revealing, natural, non-fatiguing, beautiful sounding 2 way speakers that are worth far more than their cost, these are it. They really should cost a heck of a lot more than they do! Voices, instruments, floating in space, pinpoint accuracy, holographic, 3D depth and width of the soundstage, even behind me, depending on the venue/recording. I listen to Jazz, classical ensembles, orchestra, Vocals such as Eva Cassidy etc. Pretty much all kinds of music except hard rock. Drums...amazing realistic impact, cymbals etc, all right there... all of these attributes are more clearly defined with the LSA!

These speakers are so good, also very sensitive and revealing of ANY change upstream. For example..changing the powercord for the TeraDak power supply to the LSA, you could hear the difference through these speakers. I tried several, one had better depth, but not as clear, another was more upfront, instruments, voices were clearer, but the soundstage was not as deep. Interesting, the best balance is the powercord that came with the TeraDak, and best sounding so far.

In all the years I have had stereo, have never heard this kind of realism and quality of sound coming from my system. The speakers are amazing, allowing one to hear very clearly, how incredible the LSA is.

Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento Red Violin  vs. Grand Teton SE.  (March 12, 2015)


AudioAsylum GT SE buyer's review (Mar. 13, 2015) ==> Link

Just received the Grand Teton SE's with their matching stands. Incredible speaker! At this moment, it's paired with a 10 watt tube amp, and it is absolutely phenomenal.

So far, have not had to go past 12 noon on the amp, with plenty of sound to fill my fairly large living room. Effortless sound, clarity, depth, width of the soundstage is amazing, going way behind the speakers, and behind my head, depending on the recording and the venue, pinpoint accuracy of instruments, and a naturalness to the music, and they are not nearly broken in.

Will be trying some good SS amps in the days to come, and will post my impressions. How a 2 way speaker of this size can have this much sound, filling the room front and back behind me, is beyond me...and this is with a CD player and DAC that are old school!

I have been around live classical music all my life, (pro musician)...these speakers have that live sound in spades.

The build quality is first rate, rock hard cabinets, beautiful to look at, and well made.

Product Weakness: None so far.
Product Strengths: Effortless beautiful sound, clarity, bass impact, amazing soundstage

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier:   Woo Audio WA5 SET Amp (Elrog 300 Tubes)
Sources (CDP/Turntable):   Sony XA7es
Speakers:   Grand Teton SE
Cables/Interconnects:   Jena Labs, Tara Labs, Anticable Levlel 3 Speaker wire
Music Used (Genre/Selections):   Jazz, classical, pop etc
Room Size (LxWxH):   25' x 18' x 25'
Room Comments/Treatments:   Liv room has a sloped cedar ceiling to 25 ft

AudioAsylum GT SE buyer's review (Dec. 26, 2014) ==>   Full review.

In summary, the Wavetouch Grand Teton horn designed speakers are both revealing and warm, have great extension at both ends of the frequency scale, are tolerant of placement closer to side walls than most box speakers, sound great in the near field, are coherent and transparent, have a huge sound stage, and are an easy load for any amp to drive. They are not inexpensive at $3K but compared to others speakers I have heard, they are worth every dollar.

Gen2 buyer feedback (Jan. 19, 2015)


Hi Alex,  

I'd like to send you some pics of my 2chanel system including:

   - Source: Sony Vaio computer Ubuntu 14.4 base, Otari Dtr 90 DAT

   - USB transport: Audio-gd DI 2014

   - Softwares: Audacious, GMPC

   - D/A converter: Otari Dtr 90

   - Pre-amp: Otari Dtr 90

   - Power amp: Amp Camp diy, Sansui 2102 Mosfet Vintage

   - Acoustics treatment: Realtraps panel

   - Speakers: Grand Teton Gen 2

   - Power cable, speaker cable, interconnect: diy

   - Power cable for USB transport: MIT Zcord II

   - Digital cable: coaxial: MIT reference, USB: Wireworld Starline

Fyi, Amp Camp is an amp of FirstWatt series designed by Nelson Pass. It's only 5WPC but can drive the Grand Teton Gen2 perfectly. The Grand Teton Gen2 sounds very smooth & relaxable, she is the good partner of Otari Dtr 90 which is a recording equipment that sounds straight & wild, especially mid range. My system weakness is it can play 16/48 only because the D/A of Otari Dtr 90 is unable to play hi-res files. I want to say more about The GEN 2 but I save the best for last: it sounds fantastic!
If you guys want music stream flowing in a romantic way, Gen2 is the right choice. Some say there's a meaty mid voice of the Gen2 but I can see it because of the horns. The horn compressed the sound the Gen2, made it beautiful & condensed then the waveguide will guide the sound to listener. The technic of waveguide is same as many loudspeakers manufacturers like Proac, Spendor, Altec LAnsing, etc but Alex Yoon makes it a bit longer for double or even triple the effect. The horn not only amplify the sound of Gen2 but also make soundstage clearer, bigger, and deeper. We may say due to those technologies Gen2 will sound miracle and has its own voice that we can't hear it in the other speakers. Sound signature is really impressed!

Feedback from Nick (Speaker professional, Speaker City USA. Jan. 16, 2014)

      SEs are the best sounding speakers I've ever heard. SEs sound smooth with zero grain and clear holographic sound images. At this price, SE is a true bargain! I highly recommend!

Nick, Speaker City USA.(Burbank,CA)"Supplier of fine audio since 1977"

 * A feedback for Alex -  (Jan. 14, 2014) 

Great seller. Communicated throughout the process and followed up to see how I like the speakers. A great product (the Grand Teton speakers). Highly recommended (seller and speakers). Thanks!

    At this point I'm very impressed with them. I'm really enjoying the pairing with the Musical Paradise tube integrated, and I certainly see the appeal of tubes.

The bass is really fantastic in that it's controlled and impactful without overwhelming my room.  And the highs are so smooth yet detailed - that ribbon tweeter is remarkable.

At some point in the future I'm sure I'll want to move to the SE model (or whatever new creation you come up with down the road).

Thanks for adding so much pleasure to my music listening. Best,

* A feedback for Alex -  (Dec. 20, 2014)

   GT Speakers are beautiful and sound beyond belief from this small a monitor. Thought I had my Legacy floorstanders plugged in by accident! Alex is a rare genius who makes monitors that sound like $8,000 floor standers!!

Alex, I always had floorstanders. I switched between my Legacy Audio floorstanders which I love and your speakers while listening. I have had Von Schweikert $10,000 speakers that did not image like yours. The resolution and bass are beyond belief. I turn the lights out when I listen and when I turn the lights back on and look at the Grand Tetons I just shake my head. I am also hearing detail on my reference recordings that I have not heard in 10 years.

Buyer's pictures (Grand Teton). (Dec. 12, 2014)


 Mt. Rainier.(Dec., 2014)

Moscow Hi-end show (Nov., 2014)



Of my three systems, all are very impressed with just your acoustics! With new mono amps tomorrow, we will produce success! Thanks! Milky Sound.

   Grand Teton Gen2 & Quad 988 with super tweeters.(Oct., 2014)

  I was struck by the extra treble and lively dynamics over the Quads 988 (with super tweeters). The stage is nicely deep and wide and the way higher than the quads 988. In fact, Gen2s fill the room beautifully.

A feedback for Alex --

Alex is a super nice guy who is more interested in making sure that your happy and enjoy his speakers than just someone who sell's you something to make a few buck's. Alex is a True audiophile who is more interested in how good something sounds rather than how flashy or how much some piece of equipment cost, When I went to hear his Grand Teton speakers at his shop I WAS FLOORED at how good the sound was from these Monitors! Wilson, Avantgarde DUO's "my speakers" not only is the sound stage sooooo much bigger than the Wilson's and Avantgarde's the pinpoint accuracy and depth of the sound stage is much better, these speakers defy there size. placed next to 5' tall floor stander's you would not be able to tell what speakers were playing, These speakers are VERY transparent at any price! in my 40 years of being an audiophile I have never heard a more transparent speaker and this would include the Acoustat X electrostat speakers. BTW His demo setup used good but not mega buck equipment to get this sound, needless to say I went home with a pair of the Grand Teton speakers and they sound just as impressive in my home. Alex you are one cool dude.

 Ed / SoCal. (Sept., 2014)

Here's your 45 speakers. Nice sounding with my 300B amp. My Omega speakers are no match for your 45s. Thanks!

Speaker Suggestions. (GT Gen2 - Follow up impressions)==> Link

09-30-14: Daniel825

When Alex brought the speakers over last night he told me they were very sensitive to placement.. We messed around with the positioning a bit but did not have much to work with because I was putting them in a bedroom with limited space and too much furniture. The best I could do was to get them one foot from the back and side walls. There is a dresser partially sticking out in front of one speaker. We toed them in and out until we found what sounded best.

Alex told me he ran them for 14 hours before bringing them over but said they would need additional time to open up. Last night I played them for 8 hours straight. Around 2 Am the soundstage opened up ..... wide open like someone turned on a switch. I could tell these speakers were very special but I felt they needed more room around them to really hear what they sound like. ( I have owned Magnepan 1.6's in the past .. same issue) So for fun I moved the speakers and stands to the short wall of the bedroom and moved some furniture out of the way and placed them 2 feet from the back and side walls. Then I put a chair about 8 feet back. Oh My! These speakers are VERY SPECIAL. The sound was a big and wide as a floor standing speaker. The tone of the instruments is so correct and compelling that you immediately stop listening to the speakers and just listen to the music. The speakers just disappears and the music just comes out in layers. I could identify exactly what each instrument was in a second. I think these speakers are best suited for Jazz, Blues, Folk and Classical... Maybe not the best choice for Rock....If you get a chance to listen to them give them a try. I think they every bit as good as my Magnepan 1.6's were but much better with tone of the instruments then the Maggies. I don't think these are going to work for me in the only place I have for them in the bedroom and right now I am not sure where I am going to put them... But I can assure you they won't be going back to Alex... They are just very, very enjoyable speakers.



 Clement Perry - Stereo Times Publisher: Thus far, sonically speaking I think you really have a winner on your hands. These speakers image like some kind of laboratory device. Immediate and right out the box, they threw some image against my front wall. Not to mention, as Frank emphasized in his review, these little titans really express themselves dynamically. I do not know if I have ever heard a speaker that size that speaks so accurately and beyond its physical dimensions. Alex! You really have got something here! Dec. 2013

  Publisher's Note: I have spent the past few months listening to the Grand Teton monitors and very unique in appearance (horn waveguides), they WORK! So much in fact, I would have to say they performed way beyond my expectations in the areas of coherency, depth of stage (and width), image specificity and dynamics. These attributes lends to hours of musical enjoyment and sonic bliss. 

 GT vs. Pipe Dream Model 15

GT has nicely openned up sounds and I am enjoying the GT very much. It has run in well and the sound is well balanced. GT is a great speaker! 

 The best purchase that I have made these speakers are incredible and am thinking of getting the line magnetic set amp ( 845) tubes as these amps can virtually drive any speakers with ease.

  These GT can communicate so well that I listening to my collection of lps all over again. These gems are very true to source.

  Keep up the good work Alex , giving us audiophiles such good product without costing an arm and leg.


Audiogon post  ==> Link

11-25-14: After_hrs

I haven't auditioned as many stand mount speaks as others here as I've been exclusively using floor standing for a while. But I can say that not since my Artemis eos monitors from a few years back, that were beyond belief transparent and HUGE imagers, have I heard a small reasonably priced monitor (under $3k) that impressed me. As I live in the Los Angeles area I decided to visit the Wavetouch Audio and see what this guy was all about. Having heard his Grand Teton speaker last year I was impressed with many things it could do but was quickly aware of its shortcomings. Cutting to the chase...two weeks ago I went back and heard the Generation 2 version of this speaker and I can report that it is without doubt one of the most realistic and dynamic monitors speakers I have ever heard, NO BS. For $2k you can get an absolutely world class view into the potential of this hobby. The tonal balance has become so much more correct and the blending of drivers is world-class. One foot away from the front baffle and it sounds like one driver, remarkable for this price point. They are now in my home getting more fully broken in.
I also heard his SE version that has extreme quality parts etc that were similarly balanced but with greater transparency and smoothness. I haven't done any side by side yet with other monitors but it's clear that this guy has created a formula that's ridiculously... right. In my opinion these fall into the category of HUGE value. I'm using a Mosfet 165w x 2 of our own design, equivalent to a $10+k amp and an H-cat preamp.

11-26-14: After_hrs

I have had exposure to many world-class speakers including monitors through the years as have many others here, but very few under $10k speakers that are actually tremendous in my opinion. There are great VALUES to be had but very few truly great speakers in the four digit range, in my opinion. The cost to get there for a manufacturer is just too high. I don't mean to sound erudite but many here would agree with me. That being said I rarely get excited in the sub $10k range let alone sub $5k (although as I said there are many great values) so when I heard and subsequently now own a pair of newly designed Wavetouch Grand Teton Monitors (GEN 2's) my previously stated loudspeaker price to performance ratio experience was genuinely affected. Direct to consumer manufacturer's explain the greater values that are available these days but doesn't get me closer to why these $2k little speaks from a small company in L.A. (hardly on the radar) are as good as they are. There is something to his frontal (apparatus) but not until he began experimenting with tandem wire gauge choices (blending gauges), directionality of everything and getting more deeply involved the the synergy of the internal minutia did things begin to go beyond the the ordinary of potential. He is very transparent as a person and explained his journey and openness to learning etc. I should leave it there. I know nothing of how this guy does business through the mail but the power of these little speakers to communicate the essence of the recording goes well beyond great my experience.

GT Gen2 vs. Raidho C3.1

I hooked up the GTs to my System plus a t5 REL woofer. Not what you may call an apples to apples I will give you my more detailed comments once I'm done with some fine tuning.

Off the bat, INCREDIBLE!

My system consists of :

DCS PUCCINi and Clock

Constellation Virgo II preamp

Constellation centaur Amp.

All around Nordost Valhalla cabling.

Personally I feel that few speakers could stand this test without fading their colors and showing some expected weaknesses. Not the GTs. They simply passed on the qualities of the electronics faithfully.

You have done some magic at a very accessible price!

 GT vs. LaHave Mela, Emerald Physics 2.3, Magnestand modified 1.6 Maggie.


Just hooked em up... and... I must admit... I'm totally amazed!

I'm not sure how these little speakers can produce the sound they do!   It's like friggin' magic! After focusing on the "specs" of the GT's after I ordered them... I was a "huge skeptic" that these little speakers could produce the sound described on your website and the reviews. But... they certainly do - just AMAZING - I'm still not sure I'm believing it! This is probably going to turn out to be the best money I've spent in audio - truly!

Oh, it will no doubt take me quite a while to experiment with the multitude of "tweaks" inherent in the GT's design to "fine tune" my sound.  Though, I'm sure that will just be "nuanced" refinement.   But, its going to be a while before I really believe the sound is as superb as I'm hearing - "right out of the box!"

And... this is compared to to some of the finest speakers available - to which I'm comparing them.

Do your other speaker models actually sound better than these???  It is hard to believe they possibly could! I'm really thinking I'll be selling virtually all my other speakers, and a lot of my expensive electronics, which I now won't need to drive these "little jewels!"   AMAZING!    Thanks,

-----Update after 6 months----------------


Still amazed at the incredible sound of the GTs! They're getting all my listening time since I got them.

Think I like them best with Parasound Halo JC1 Monoblocks - though they don't need all that power. But the JC1's operate in Class A at the power required by the GTs - which makes a big difference.

Since I got the GTs...I really haven't considered getting any other speakers - large or small. I just don't think the sound can get much better... certainly, at any reasonable price (may be at many 10's of thousands more). Have no desire to spend the big bucks required to achieve any small improvements.

All the best!

 GT and Kharma mini-gallileo

Dear Alex,

This is a much delayed email after receiving the GTs. I have been waiting for the wooden stands that I ordered for the speakers and they finally arrived this week. As you can see they look nice placing by the side of my Kharma mini-gallileo speakers. No, I am not buying the GT to replace the Kharma. Why I interested in the GTs was their high efficiency and small size. I have a pair of great sounding VT-25 tube amplifiers that I used to drive my previous pair of speakers-Kharma Fe3.2 and the combo sounded great. However, after upgrading to the present speakers I found that the VT-25 is not powerful enough for them. Sadly I have to switch to a pair of 805 monoblocks which match with the new speakers much better, resulting in a very satisfying sound. However at times I still miss the transparency, purity and directness of the VT-25 sound and that's why the GTs come into play. The GTs sounded really awful when new with thin and truncated sound for a few hours. Since then they gradually improved and became quite nice after about 10 hours playing. But then I could not made any serious judgement since they were only placed on top of the Kharma, awaiting for the arrival the stands. Now with the GTs properly placed, I can make a few comments on them,

1. they sound much bigger than their size suggested.

2. they are very transparent to what is fed to them. The change in sound with any tube swap is not subtle and can be critical. 

3. the sound is probably not completely neutral but very balanced. The high is extended and airy. There is a clever and nice emphasis on mid range (especially male voice) and mid bass, without a sense of unnaturalness. The slightly emphasized mid-bass results in an illusion of a much bigger speaker. The bass is fast and well defined, even with low power tube amplification. The texture of musical instruments from string, woodwinds to percussion is realistically reproduced.

4. The high efficiency is what I much needed, and now I can enjoy again my beloved VT-25 sound. The fact that I have not listened to the Kharma for some days now is a proof of how good the GTs can sound.

The unfailing ability to convey music is what the music lover appreciates most, and the reason why I enjoy the GT so much.

I have to thank you again for your great service and congratulate on making a great sounding speaker. I do not know how many people are using the GTs but it is a pity that they are not getting more popular. I guess your slogan of "the most beautiful sounding speakers" could turn away some potential buyers for that is something too good to be believed especially at your asking price. However, after really using them for some time now, I think there could be some truth in that sentence.

Thank you again.

The owner of Avantgarde and Harbeth speakers.

"Hi Alex,

I wanted to share my experience with the GT Speakers...

I've been listening regularly for the past 6 weeks and continue to be quite impressed...Honestly, at first the sound was good, but didn't make any huge impression.  It was after about 40-50 hours of breaking in that they transformed and the sound became something excellent and very pleasing.  I use a 90 watt tube amp with the KT 120's, active cabling, and a very good DAC and have used this system with everything from Nola Boxers, to Magico Q1's, to Harbeth 30.1's as I love the imaging a quality monitor typically offers...Many people may not believe this, but the GT's keep pace with all of my previous monitors and offer a balanced combination of their preferable qualities and none of the bad.  They are at the same time musical, warm, accurate, transparent, and dynamic.  Also, the sound of Teton is very open and dynamic like the Avantgarde, but much better suited in my smaller room. At the same time they are not difficult to place and are pretty friendly to mediocre recordings.  I'm really impressed, and more so at this price point, and recommend a listen for any person in the market for a quality pair of monitors."

 GT vs. Nestorovic MK III 5AS

When I receive Gts ( last Thursday)I have disconnected the “Nestorovic MK III 5AS” for which I have the opinion that they have the most beautiful sound stage and the purest hi tones but I have discovered that I was living in lie!

Two days ago I have two friends at my home for listening session and The reaction of first one was “I am selling my speakers immediately ”, and he has “Tannoy Kensington Gr”.

The second one almost cried !? He seat “ I have boat my speakers 30.000 Euros(40.000$)!!! what will happened  after the Break in period? He has “Vienna acoustics, the music” speakers.

I have already read “the most beautiful sound I have ever hired” and is 100% true.

Patrick / SoCal.


....the imaging and focus are incredibly real, first positioning of the speakers, didn't have to adjust them once, the guitar are dead center, it not that the speakers disappeared, they are there, but because the guitar are so precisely in front of me, I don't think of the speakers being there.  The sound is crisp, real and with texture.  The soundstage is there but not as wide and deep as your studio.  The punch is somewhat lite compare to the Wilson but I don't think that's a fair comparison taking their sizes into consideration.  For a pair of monitor, that's quite an accomplishment.  In that term, I can't think of a pair of bookshelf that can deliver the same.

Pictures from San Diego.


 D. Uhlinger / W. Hollywood.

"After 35 years of audiophile pursuit I've had and heard a lot of systems. Not until this speaker, though, have I ever heard the human voice "captured" so solidly yet smoothly. It's ability to produce such nuanced fidelity I give credit to it's AMT tweeter. Multitudinous layers of texture seem to come out of it effortlessly. This is one gem of a speaker."

New Mt. Rainier owner

I just purchased a pair of the Mt Rainer speakers, and if you have not read any of the reviews, blogs or spoken to Alex, you need to look into these truly remarkable speakers! Alex is an outstandingly nice gentleman, with a real passion for what he does and it is certainly translated into his products. Let me first say that I have been around the audio world for over 40 years, have co-owned a High End Audio boutique shop and personally owned over 40 different pairs of speakers from Sonus Faber Extremas to Appogee Divas, and just about every planar, horn and traditional cone 2 way of note. Having said that, speakers are a very subjective part of the chain and there are many flavors to suit desires. However, there are some universal aspects of speaker performance that any good or great speaker should accomplish and these spekaers do just about all of them in spades! I love the fact that Alex says these are "The Most Beautiful Sounding Speakers in The World". Its an example of Alex's passion for what he does, and although I can not endorse that remark as my previous statement about subjectivitly is certainly in play, I will tell you that these speakers do things Right in so many areas and are the first speaker without DSP, electronic enhancement to truly recreate the room and nuances in the recording and portray such an engaging performance. I would highly reccommend buying a pair, and at the price and money back gaurantee Alex offers, its a no brainer! Do your self a favor, if you are looking for musical performance rarely heard, particularly at this price, and not looking for a fad or tweekers project, but a real performance, look into these fine speakers.

New GT owner

Alex, Your speaker is incredible! Thank you!

 Eric - Sacramento, CA.

 THANKS Alex for the great personal service! Grand Teton speakers sound great even in the "break in" period! The separation is wonderful and even the most complicated music comes through wonderfully! Thanks again!!!!!

A feedback for Alex (Mihorn)==> Link

Alex is a very super nice guy who is more interested in making sure that your happy and enjoy his speakers than just someone who sell's you something to make a few buck's. Alex is a True audiophile who is more interested in how good something sounds rather than how flashy or how much some piece of equipment cost, When I went to hear his Grand Teton speakers at his shop I WAS FLOORED at how good the sound was from these Monitors! Wilson, Avantgarde DUO's "my speakers" not only is the sound stage sooooo much bigger than the Wilson's and Avantgarde's the pinpoint accuracy and depth of the sound stage is much better, these speakers defy there size. placed next to 5' tall floor stander's you would not be able to tell what speakers were playing, These speakers are VERY transparent at any price! in my 40 years of being an audiophile I have never heard a more transparent speaker and this would include the Acoustat X electrostat speakers. BTW His demo setup used good but not mega buck equipment to get this sound, needless to say I went home with a pair of the Grand Teton speakers and they sound just as impressive in my home. Alex you are one cool dude.

"The best sound... in my life!"

Newport Beach Show Audio 2014 - Guest's comment =>AudioCircle

Back at the Atrium just down the hall from the MSB room was the biggest surprise of the show for us. We visited this room several times throughout the day on Sunday because it was sound staging and creating palpable harmonic richness and depth with purity that (when we were there) was among the best I have ever heard my life! This was a noticeably humble set up. The bass was more than satisfying and articulate, although the speakers were a bit small for the room. It may sound strange but perhaps having ten to twelve full grown adults in the room actually helped to load the room better for these diminutive speakers. But all things being equal, (With the better recordings) these small speakers were as convincingly realistic/ natural, articulate, dimensional/ palpable and non fatiguing as anything I ever heard from (any) small speaker. In fact my friend who bought the little Napa's also is ordering a pair these to ship back to St. Louis, MO. On the last visit to the room at the completion of one of the best new tracks I've heard so far this year (A high powered Spanish percussive, melodic work of art) as two gentlemen were leaving one turned around and told the proprietors there they had just heard that same track in a room that had $300,000 worth of gear "and this blew it away." We all were pretty impressed with what we heard.

Grand Teton and Aerial 20T


Still doing listening tests but here is where I am at
1. cosmetically they look nice on stands only issue is front covers with children/pets and only issue with WAF. She immediately preferred them to the Maggie's.
2. sound is clean, crisp, detailed, smooth with excellent soundstage in prime seating area
3. off axis sound deteriorates quickly, best down long dimension room, opposite to Maggie's
4. one if not the best low volume speaker I have ever heard
5. Finish is delicate, what do you recommend for cleaning?
Overall I love the extension and power when pushed and the low level  sound is astounding and won me and my better half as that is how it is mostly used
I have to sell the Emerald Physics before I am allowed to get another pair, she also would love to see a cover, they have been knocked several times
She is so anti the DWM (Maggie bass unit) that we have not done a serious comparison, the GT's will win hands down with her with a cover, she even is willing to house 2 pairs :-)
Thanks P.


Stereo Times ==> Grand Teton Review.

Audiogon posts ==> Grand Teton Review.

Stereo Times ==> Most wanted components 2013



Hi Alex,
I have been breaking in GT speakers.  After over 70 hours, I listened last night.  It was a revelation.  Beautiful music to die for and to live with.  I spent two hours listening.  That pre-break in glare is gone.  What I am left with is gorgeous compelling music.  The transparency is amazing.  The bass is
so good, I am left shaking my head.  The cymbals are wonderful.  The guitars are commanding.  The double bass is tight, articulate and compelling.  The piano is resonating with that beautiful piano sound.  Even the electronic music is revealing and involving.  There is air opening and encompassing.  The drums have great articulation and power.  The organic nature of the whole sound stage is why I became an audiophile.  Your speakers are magic.  And, I am just starting to be seduced
by their spell. I checked for loose felt.  No, it is fine. I will give you more updates after I listen this week-end.
A very happy Thanksgiving Giving to you and your wife.

  Pictures from buyers.



 Newport Beach Audio Show 2014

The SHOW  Newport Beach 2014 --- Report

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