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Wavetouch Technology

    Wavetouch horn technology,

a new ingenious design that literally transforms any room into the perfect listening room by using science and physics to create

a direct radiating sound and reducing listening fatigue that can be encountered by conventional speaker designs.

The physical energy of a speaker is only needed to generate acoustical energy and what we want to hear is the acoustic energy.

Wavetouch technology reduces unnecessary physical energy and sounds become smoother, faster, cleaner, and more natural.


Sound travels approximately 1000 feet per second. The length of your room is 15ft~30ft.

Sound waves from speakers bounce off walls 15~20 times before waves lose their acoustic energy.

The sum of reflected sounds from walls are much larger than the original sound from the speaker.

With conventional speakers, a listener hears more reflected sounds from walls and ceiling than direct sounds from speakers.

You hear more of your room sounds than the concert hall in a recording, and your brain has to process 10-100 times more information

than in a live music. Your brain becomes tired very quickly due to "the listener fatigue."


Wavetouch technology works at the core of sound source (speaker) and effectively changes the course of sound wave.

Once the sound leaves the speaker it is very difficult to control. Room treatment is passive and ineffective compared to actively

controlling the sound wave at its source! You hear more what is in recodings. The listener fatigue is dramatically reduced!


Harsh pulse soundwaves, generated by back and forth movement of speaker cones, crash into each other all the way to listener's ears.

The sound is diffused and harsh with much destroyed musical information. The brain is trying to make music out of the diffused

sound with harsh pulse energy resulting in "listener fatigue", hurting ears, and headaches.

 Wavetouch technology prevents crashing of sound waves. The sound is natural, organic, musical, open, and transparent.


 Horn installation & fine tune.

The center plug installation.


                       1) Align "A" side panel of each speakers to outside (1~2 ft) of listener's shoulders.

        2) The height of tweeter should be same (or 2-3" lower) with ears.              

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